Care management teams are tasked with ensuring patients and members receive optimal care all while grappling with a multitude of challenges that reduce the time they can dedicate to patients.

From assignment to operational efficiency concerns, care management teams need more bandwidth (and more hours in the day!) Overcoming common care management challenges with technology can become a daunting task on its own… luckily, as care orchestration technology continues to evolve, care teams are better able to coordinate care plans and automate workflows.

Here we explore some common challenges care management professionals face and how technology can assist by providing more bandwidth.

  1. Member Assignment:
    • The Challenge: Assigning members to the appropriate care manager can be a time-consuming and complex task, especially in large healthcare organizations.
    • Sevida Solution: Sevida can facilitate member assignment by analyzing member profiles, care manager availability, geographic location, case complexity, and even allow your organization to customize the preference weights of each consideration to ensure optimal matches.
  2. Tracking Emergency Events and Alerts:
    • The Challenge: Care managers must respond swiftly to emergency events and alerts, which can overwhelm their workflow.
    • Sevida Solution: Automated alert systems built into our platform notify care managers promptly, ensuring timely intervention when critical events occur. Care managers can view ADT alerts on their dashboard, and are able to act accordingly.
  3. Care Planning:
    • The Challenge: Developing comprehensive care plans for members, which consider their unique needs and circumstances, can be a daunting and time-consuming process. Needs change, and opportunities for care are always evolving. In addition to ever-changing needs, care managers often need to gather data from multiple platforms and resources in an effort to build comprehensive care plans.
    • Sevida Solution: Sevida’s AI-Driven Care Management platform assists with care plan creation by providing templates and suggesting personalized interventions based on comprehensive member data. Longitudinal patient records are created when Sevida pulls data from care management organizations, giving teams the ability to evaluate total member data in one place. Additionally, Vida, your Care Management Co-Pilot, is able to ask you questions and navigate member dashboards and care plan considerations.
  4. Assessments and Screenings:
    • The Challenge: Conducting assessments and screenings to evaluate members’ health status can be time-intensive. Different reporting agencies and organizations may require different screenings and assessments.
    • Sevida Solution: Automated assessment tools integrated into Sevida can help care managers efficiently collect and analyze data, enabling faster decision-making. Plus, our drag-and-drop assessment and screening building tool allows organizations to customize assessments ensuring that data that needs to be collected is right where you want it – when you want it.
  5. Risk Stratification:
    • The Challenge: Identifying high-risk members who require immediate attention can be challenging, given the complexity of healthcare data, and caseload management.
    • Sevida Solution: Sevida’s algorithms can analyze historical data to stratify members by risk, allowing care managers to prioritize those in need of urgent care, and continue to evaluate and monitor members for changes.
  6. Compliance and Operational Considerations:
    • The Challenge: Meeting regulatory compliance requirements and adhering to operational protocols can be an administrative burden. Ensuring compliance requires continued monitoring, and operational efficiencies require a 360° look at programs, billing, compliance, and staffing.
    • Sevida Solution: Sevida can automate compliance checks and flag potential issues, helping care managers stay on top of regulatory requirements. Operational and compliance analytics allow care management teams to review next-steps needed to ensure they’re on track to meet goals.

Leap Metrics Sevida platform includes an AI-driven Care Management component that automates time-consuming tasks, while delivering predictive and suggestive analytics to drive proactive managed care.

Care management teams face a number of challenges in their pursuit of delivering high-quality care while managing administrative tasks and increasing caseloads. By harnessing the power of technology, including AI-driven care management platforms such as Sevida, and enacting care orchestration, care managers can overcome these challenges. Technology automates tasks, streamlines processes, and provides valuable insights, enabling care managers to focus on what matters most: providing exceptional care and improving patient outcomes.
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