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Welcome to Snowflake’s Startup Spotlight, where we learn about awesome companies building businesses on Snowflake. In this edition, learn how Srini Gorty, Founder and CEO of Leap Metrics, turned his first-hand experience with healthcare data difficulties into a passion for making healthcare data an active, vital piece of every patient and provider interaction.

Srini, what inspires you as a founder? 

Bringing people together to solve problems that make the world around us better—living a life that is serving others. I’m inspired by my family, my team and what innovation in healthcare tech can mean for us all. When I have time, I really enjoy getting together with other tech enthusiasts to hear about what they’re doing and the problems they’re solving.

What prompted you to start Leap Metrics? 

While watching a loved one experience a health issue, it became glaringly obvious there was a disconnect in healthcare data and the way providers are able to access and act on it. Every time we had a visit to a primary care physician, an ER trip or a referral to a specialist, data was collected. But it was not being shared or used in any actionable, common-thread way during their healthcare journey.

This issue, and similar issues I’ve watched loved ones manage in the past, piqued my interest in healthcare data as a whole, particularly whole-person data. Sure, you’re asked about current medications and current symptoms during the intake process—but there is so much more to your health and the root of your issues that’s likely not being considered. Not for lack of caring! Healers clearly care, or they wouldn’t be in their profession. But healers only have so many hours in a day, and a great deal of that time is spent on administrative activities, including piecing together data and details from their patient visits.

What problem does Leap Metrics aim to solve, and what makes you confident that you and your team are the right people to solve it?

Healthcare data can and should serve as a holistic, actionable tool that empowers caregivers to make informed decisions in real time.

We founded Leap Metrics and built Sevida to serve patients and healers by providing an analytics-first approach to data collection and care management solutions. Leap Metrics is a healthcare analytics and care management SaaS company founded with a vision to accelerate healthcare’s transition to value-based care.

For decades, our society has been applying technology to solve challenging problems in many industries. Healthcare has been lagging in innovation, and we believe we can change that by leveraging the decades of technological innovation experience our team brings.

The name of our platform, Sevida, is a combination of the Sanskrit and Latin words “Seva” and “Vida,” meaning “Service” and “Life.” I’ve gathered the best minds in tech who also believe in the importance of the work we’re doing, and are dedicated to serving the lives we’re impacting with this innovative approach to healthcare data.

What’s the coolest thing you’re doing with data? 

Most healthcare organizations lack a data strategy and tools to aggregate data and make it actionable, which limits their ability to proactively care for members—especially those with chronic conditions.

We’re using healthcare event data to feed algorithms that act as a co-pilot for care managers. This is exciting—and quite literally life changing—as it enables caregivers to focus on care and make informed decisions, which helps improve patient and population health outcomes.

Our Sevida Data Pod manages a large number of data feeds from multiple sources, including clinical and social, every day for our clients. We curate vast amounts of data and make actionable information readily accessible. We also leverage this data to build machine learning models that power care management workflows, and to service predictive and prescriptive analytics. Leap Metrics’ mission-driven focus on innovation uses the most effective tools for aggregating data, analysis and reporting, making our product accessible to payers and providers of all sizes. That’s where Snowflake comes in.

What role does Snowflake play in your data strategy?

The Snowflake platform is a critical piece of our infrastructure. It helps us realize our data management and analytics strategy. Creating a multi-tenant SaaS solution that can process and store vast amounts of data across multiple organizations requires careful planning and robust design. It also requires reliable tools that can support scale and performance with reliability.

With its intuitive design and architecture, Snowflake seamlessly integrates into our team’s tech stack. We can manage events at scale, storing them and parsing them—Snowflake has been so helpful on that front. We’re able to securely access customer data without having to create copies, which also allows us to have a single version of truth. Because we work with huge amounts of data, read throughput has been pivotal for us—we optimized our writes to enable high read throughput. The Sevida platform data strategy maximizes Snowflake’s performance while working around the write constraints.

Snowflake’s continued innovation in AI aligns with our product needs and accelerates time to market for new features. Together, Snowflake’s platform and Leap Metric’s capabilities allow Sevida to provide truly holistic healthcare reporting that’s accurate and efficient and drives better patient outcomes.

What’s the most valuable piece of advice you got about how to run a startup, and who gave you the advice? 

I’m lucky to have a handful of lifelong friends who are entrepreneurs and embody a distinct combination of thoughtfulness and fearlessness. Thoughtful, because they’ve focused on businesses that serve a core purpose to improve our world. Fearless, because they continue to innovate, continue to navigate difficult paths and create a new path forward when they cannot find one. The advice I’ve received from them is that when you do meaningful work, you need to surround yourself with top talent that is aligned with the mission.

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