Driving Value-Based Care with Data Management and Analytics

We believe that data and analytics are critical in creating meaningful outcomes and reducing healthcare costs. Access to the right information at the right time is essential in building the member-provider relationship in healthcare. At Leap Metrics, our goal is to make Data Management and Analytics accessible to every healthcare organization at the point of care.

Our journey so far…

We built an innovative platform to support the real-time needs of healthcare. We challenged the traditional approach of analytics as an afterthought in applications and started with streaming and shaping data as the first building block. The outcome of this approach is the unique data analytics and insights-powered care management solution.

Today, we empower healthcare organizations to build a trusting relationship with their members by leveraging our platform. Our goal is to leverage technology and place information in the hands of healthcare organizations to curate experiences that establish trust with their consumers.

Our Vision

To accelerate the trajectory of healthcare’s transition to whole-person care.

Our Mission

Empowering healthcare to know enough to serve every life- better

Our Core Values







Meet Team Leap

We assembled some of the brightest technology and clinical minds that believe in making a difference. Our innovative thinkers work together and challenge each other to create the future we envision. We build our solutions with big hearts and focused minds.

  • Srini Gorty

  • Jason Chesko

    VP of Engineering
  • Dr. Michael Toedt, M.D.

    Chief Medical Officer
  • Rebecca Lairson

    Director of Marketing Communications
  • David Melvin

    Director of Operations
  • Erin Howell

    Data Architect
  • Andrew Greenburg

    Enterprise Architect
  • Prat Uppal

    Delivery Manager
  • Sairam Pathoori

  • Kishore Vasudev Kopalle

  • Sai Gorty

    Full Stack Developer
  • Mario Gonzalez

    Data Engineer
  • Vamshi Pamu

    Data Engineer
  • Spoorthy Reddy

    DevOps Engineer
  • Shriya Jain

    Senior Data Analyst / Engineer
  • Raghava Niladhuri

    Data Analyst / Engineer
  • Sateesh Gandla

    Full Stack Developer
  • Srinija Vuppala

    Full Stack Developer
  • Srikanth Yekkaladevi

    Data Engineer
  • Dhanya Krishnan

    Quality Engineer
  • Ashley Patterson

    Program Manager