Empower Healthcare Needs Across Multiple Segments with Sevida™️

Sevida is the premiere solution for providers and payers, catering to member care needs across populations.

Pioneering AI-Driven Analytics and Care Management Solutions

Many healthcare organizations face limitations when it comes to data aggregation and timely access to information. This lack of interoperability hinders data ingestion from various sources, leaving crucial information locked in silos and inaccessible at the point of care. To reduce penalties and enhance incentive revenue, providers must consume data from multiple sources, generate insights for quality measures, and report data in various formats and protocols. Sevida by Leap Metrics, offers a comprehensive data management and analytics solution, supporting data intake and export in any form through any channel. Our real-time analytics platform empowers AI-driven care management workflows, ensuring providers achieve key metrics with ease.

Leap Metrics Sevida serves diverse provider organizations, including:

Clinically Integrated
Networks (CINS)

Behavioral Health

Mental Health

Intellectual Developmental
Disabilities Agencies (IDD)

Area Agencies
for Aging (AAA)

Accountable Care
Organizations (ACO)

Community Health

Commercial &
Government Payers

Government payers

Sevida solutions assist Government payers such as Medicaid Managed Care Organizations in managing member care effectively by processing data in real-time and measuring quality effectively. Our Data Management and Analytics platform help curate data to measure network performance and generate insights that inform care and costs.

Commercial payers

Sevida Analytics platform enables health plans and third-party administrators to support interoperability by aggregating data from Health Information Exchanges, SDOH networks, and other sources of member data, and disseminating member data to the provider network. We support care coordination across providers using our secure and reliable platform.

Let Leap Metrics Sevida serve you, to unlock the potential of your healthcare organization, empowering proactive care, data-driven decision-making, and improved outcomes for your members.