Analytics informed care management solutions jointly created by clinicians and technologists

Our Microservices-based technology accounts for healthcare’s real-time, event-driven
nature and is highly scalable and interoperable.

Why Leap Metrics?

Most healthcare organizations extend and enhance existing applications to store data and generate descriptive reports. This strategy often limits their ability to ingest data that does not naturally fit into these applications. These applications lack interoperability and cannot extract data required by the payers and other provider partners. Also, data locked in these silos is not actionable and accessible at the point of care.

Reducing penalties and improving incentive revenue requires providers to consume data from payers, networks, and other sources, generate insights that enable their staff to achieve the quality measures and report data in the various formats, protocols, and schedules.

Payers and Providers need a data management, analytics, and workflow solution like Leap Metrics Sevida to be prepared to support data intake and data export in any form through any channel. Tracking and improving key metrics requires a real-time analytics platform like Sevida that supports a data-driven care management workflow.

Our technology

Data Management
Risk Stratification
Population Management
Comprehensive Assessments
Care Planning


Leap Metrics has partnered with the Collaborative Health Network (CHN) to provide a data aggregation solution through their Sevida Data Pod that will compile large amounts of data across a multitude of providers to be used as part of care management and data analytics. The time, effort, and energy that Leap Metrics has brought to the project to complete a complex undertaking have been just what was needed.

Craig Bass – Chairman of CHN Board of Managers, Collaborative Health Network

Leap Metrics partnered with AYN in building models for targeting access to care and utilization. The insights derived from the analyses highlighted critical targets for delivering better outcomes.

Carolyn Spence – CIO, Alexander Youth Network