Deliver quality care with Sevida Care Management

Our seasoned technologists and clinicians developed a unique Care Management Platform to support integrated whole-person care that addresses all member needs, including physical health, behavioral health, I/DD, TBIs, pharmacy, long-term services, and support (LTSS). Unmet clinical and psycho/social needs are identified through comprehensive assessments and care plans created to address these needs.

Why choose Sevida Care Management?

At Leap Metrics, we believe that technology enhances care managers’ abilities to perform at a peak level without compromising the quality of care and attention to members’ overall health and well-being. With our innovation, healthcare organizations can improve an individual’s health through prevention, early detection, and integrated intervention and enhance their social determinants of health.

Salient features of Sevida Care Management

Caseload management

We offer multiple approaches for assigning members to care managers. Members can be auto-assigned using algorithms that evaluate various factors, including staff acuity weighted caseload, proximity to the member, and specialization. Supervisors also manually assign members to care managers.

Care Team

Our platform allows care managers to organize and manage dedicated client care teams. Care managers can collaborate on screenings, assessments, treatment plans, interventions, transitions, and other necessary activities for their clients through active communication channels. Additionally, it allows an interdisciplinary team of providers to come together to design and deliver comprehensive solutions to address their clients’ needs.

Identifying the common needs of a population segment enables teams to design and deliver care that provides a comprehensive solution for clients and families. When the goal of care shifts from treating to solving clients’ needs, care teams can address both their clinical and non-clinical needs.

Intake, screenings, and assessments

Our Sevida technology platform supports the creation of robust intake forms, screenings, and assessments informed by data and timely insights. Administration of screenings triggers rules and algorithms in the Sevida platform to create valuable, actionable insights and identifies personalized unmet needs. Standard screenings such as PHQ-9, AIMS, and BPRS are also supported natively in the Sevida platform.

Comprehensive Assessment

Sevida Comprehensive Assessments contain general member demographic questions that drive an intuitive assessment based on the member profile. For example, in the case of children, the assessment collects data about developmental concerns and early intervention. However, the assessment does not involve any adult-related questions. In the case of adults, such as individuals with Down Syndrome, the assessment collects data about IDD and long-term support needs and avoids child-related questions.

Our Comprehensive Assessments cover physical health, chronic conditions, environmental conditions, and behavioral, intellectual, mental, and substance use challenges. The Sevida platform offers comprehensive assessments that can be tailored to meet the needs of each plan and provider specialty. Our rule engine and algorithms identify personalized unmet needs by administering Comprehensive Assessments.

Care planning

Care planning in Sevida draws from the unmet member needs identified throughout the intake, screening, and assessment process that enable care managers to develop a member-driven individualized care plan. The care plan establishes measurable goals, interventions, and outcomes based on the identified needs. Our care management workflows support consent across the care team, resource management, notes, audit logs, and much more.

Care coordination

Our Sevida platform supports the coordination of care activities and sharing among all participants concerned with members’ care securely and effectively. Care teams are established for each member and then workflows are configured based on the care team member’s role.

We enable care managers to drive the coordination process by providing access to an array of services and resources for their members with complex needs.

Admissions, discharges, and transfers

Providers need the ability to produce and consume Admission, Discharge, and Transfer (ADT) event notifications to exchange vital member change in care event information in real-time. Sevida platform supports sending and receiving ADT events in real-time individually or in batch mode through any format. ADT events trigger rules and algorithms in the Sevida platform to notify the care manager, so that they may respond with timeliness and efficiency.

Gaps in care

Our Sevida platform supports the identification of gaps in care in a member’s clinical pathway, based on recommended versus actual care received. It provides rules, algorithms, third-party integrations, and descriptive analytics to support the care gap workflow.

Medication monitoring and reconciliation

Non-adherence to medical recommendations is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality in members with certain risk profiles. Medication adherence monitoring is critical to treating such members. Our Sevida platform integrates with third-party solutions that provide member pharmacy data, medication history, medication management, and reconciliation.