Close the loop on referrals with Sevida Referral Management

Our Sevida Referral Management allows healthcare staff to lookup clinical/service/resource providers by leveraging the provider directory. The platform also enables referral creation and tracking of their outcome by connecting with SDOH networks to close the loop.

Why choose Sevida Referral Management?

Sevida referral management leverages statistical models to identify the best intake specialist to handle an incoming referral and reduce referral closure time. Algorithms identify the best provider(s) for an outbound referral based on the organization’s member to provider matching criteria.

Salient features of Sevida Referral Management

Provider directory

Sevida Provider Directory serves as a repository of provider information, ranging from organizations to practitioners. Consumers, payers, or providers can filter and search using various criteria, including proximity to members, specialties, and the populations they serve. Provider information is augmented with the National Provider Identifier (NPI) registry.

Social determinants of health

Our platform was created with a focus on Social Determinants of Health (SDOH). To achieve the most significant outcomes for individuals, providers must be aware and consider more than the individual’s physical, intellectual, and/or behavioral health diagnosis. Providers must address the environmental, socioeconomic, and other related factors that influence health outcomes just as significantly as the availability of medical care.

Medical care alone is insufficient to improve health as it accounts for only 10 to 20 percent of health outcomes. Related factors are called SDOH, which account for 80 to 90 percent of overall health outcomes. SDOH are the environments in which people are conceived, born, live, learn, worship, work, and play. Social determinants may affect one’s health, functioning, and quality of life.

The SDOH Screening in the Sevida platform is robust and addresses the full spectrum of possible non-medical needs of an individual. In addition, Sevida Resource Directory enables the care manager to make referrals and connections for non-medical, health-related services such as food, housing, utilities, transportation, education, employment, and interpersonal safety. Making SDoH referrals, monitoring and collecting referral data, and closing the loop on referral follow-through are critical to supporting members’ goal achievement and increasing self-efficacy.

Our Sevida platform enables providers and payers to identify the impact social determinants of health have on its members by combining behavioral science and artificial intelligence. Sevida analytics tools support searching, filtering, and acting based on the SDOH attributes and needs.