Streamline Referrals and Close the Loop with Sevida™️ Referral Management

Sevida Referral Management is your key to seamless and efficient referral processes. Our platform empowers healthcare staff to search, create, and track referrals while connecting with provider networks to ensure the loop is closed on every referral.

Why Choose Sevida Referral Management?

Sevida referral management leverages statistical models to identify the best intake specialist to handle an incoming referral and reduce referral closure time. Algorithms identify the best provider(s) for an outbound referral based member-provider match.

Salient Features of Sevida Referral Management

Provider Directory

Sevida Provider Directory serves as a comprehensive repository of provider information, ranging from organizations to practitioners. Consumers, payers, and providers can effortlessly filter and search using various criteria, including specialties, proximity to members, and the populations they serve. Provider information is further enhanced with the National Provider Identifier (NPI) registry for accurate and reliable referrals.

Focus on Social Determinants of Health (SDOH)

Sevida Referral Management recognizes that addressing non-medical factors significantly impacts health outcomes. Environmental, socioeconomic, and related factors influence overall health outcomes more significantly than medical care alone. Our robust SDOH Screening in the Sevida platform covers the full spectrum of potential non-medical needs, ensuring comprehensive care for individuals. Additionally, Sevida Resource Directory enables care managers to make referrals and connections for essential non-medical services like food, housing, transportation, education, and more, fostering holistic health improvements.

Our advanced analytics tools facilitate searching, filtering, and action based on SDOH attributes and needs, guiding informed decision-making.

Activate Sevida™️ Referral Management to optimize your referral processes, close the loop on referrals, and drive positive health outcomes for your members. Empower your team to address the full spectrum of healthcare needs, encompassing both medical and non-medical factors, for truly comprehensive whole-person care.