Achieve better health outcomes with Sevida Value-Based Care

Tracking and reporting value-based payment metrics is often a distraction to healthcare organizations. Sevida enables organizations and care managers to focus on the quality of care and improve overall health for each member measurement of health outcomes and costs of care.

Why choose Sevida Value-Based Care?

As we move forward from a fee-for-service model of care, we now acknowledge that quality of care has been missing from the fee-for-service model. Value-Based Care (VBC) models of service delivery incentivize all team members to improve access to care, quality of care, and health outcomes while reducing overall costs to the healthcare system. VBC has redesigned the healthcare service delivery system and now considers the client experience and outcomes, not simply the total cost of care. Care management providers must have the necessary tools at their fingertips to focus on effective whole-person care because the risk has now shifted onto the providers of care from the payers.

Sevida platform incorporates a robust set of tools, including our data pod, master patient index, analytics, care management platform, and referral system to support a value-based care world.

VBC connects clinicians to their purpose as healers, supports their professional code of ethics, and allows the providers to expand their focus and reassess how they provide treatment. VBC’s focus on desirable health outcomes better aligns clinicians with the individuals they serve. Better outcomes also reduce spending and decrease the need for ongoing care. By improving clients’ health outcomes, VBC reduces the compounding complexity and disease progression that drive the need for more care. A client whose diabetes does not progress to kidney failure, blindness, and neuropathy is much less expensive to care for than a client whose condition worsens to dialysis.

VBC financially incentivizes or penalizes providers based on clinical outcomes. The ability to create positive outcomes and report these outcomes will increase shared savings and result in bonus payments while avoiding penalties. Sevida platform’s ability to aggregate, store, and analyze the comprehensive member record gives healthcare organizations the ability to proactively care for members and track critical activities and outcomes that directly impact value-based payments.