Understand and Optimize Value-Based Contracts with Sevida™️

Value-Based Care (VBC) is the future of healthcare, revolutionizing service delivery and prioritizing quality care, improved health outcomes, and reduced costs. Sevida enables healthcare organizations and care managers to focus on delivering exceptional care, effectively measuring health outcomes, and managing costs.

Why Choose Sevida for Value-Based Care?

VBC incentivizes all team members to enhance access to care, improve quality, and foster positive health outcomes while reducing overall healthcare system costs. Our Sevida platform equips providers with robust tools to unlock the intelligence in their data and make informed decisions to thrive in a value-based care world.

Evaluate Contracts with Data

Sevida enables informed, data-driven decision-making when evaluating new or existing value-based contracts.

Track Adherence and Performance with Sevida

Operational teams can track performance, analyze quality measures, and ensure adherence to value-based contract compliance policies with Sevida’s dashboards. Care managers can act on prescriptive suggestions produced by Sevida’s algorithms and rules to bridge gaps in care. Optimize operational and financial performance with Sevida.

Driving Financial Incentives and Positive Outcomes

Sevida empowers healthcare organizations to create positive outcomes and report them effectively, leading to shared savings and bonus payments while avoiding penalties. Our platform’s ability to aggregate, store, and analyze comprehensive member records enables proactive care and tracking of critical activities and outcomes.

Leap into the future of healthcare with Sevida and deliver exceptional, value-driven care, achieving better health outcomes, reducing costs, and maximizing financial incentives for your organization.