Empower Your Population Health with Sevida™️ Analytics

Unlock actionable insights powered by AI and advanced algorithms. Analyze quality measures, population health, compliance, billing efficiency and more with configurable dashboards. Optimize organizational performance and patient care with Sevida Analytics.

Why Choose Sevida Analytics for Enhanced Population Health?

Population health thrives when the health outcomes of individuals improve, making value-based healthcare a priority. Sevida Analytics harnesses the power of AI to sort priority populations and identify opportunities for specialized and efficient care – for all members. This enhances expertise and drives cost-effective practices. By enabling clinical teams to make decisions, practitioner-client relationships strengthen, ensuring effective and appropriate care delivery.

Sevida Analytics empowers operations to make informed decisions regarding billing, contracts, and more.

Harness the Power of Sevida Analytics

Sevida Analytics empowers healthcare organizations to enhance their capacity to understand and meet their members’ needs. Our algorithms identify trends in zip codes, age groups, chronic conditions, and other attributes, helping you understand your member panel even better. This enables population health initiatives to mitigate future health conditions and disparities effectively.

Outcome Analytics: Driving Informed Decision-Making for Optimal Health Results

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, making well-informed decisions is crucial to achieving optimal health outcomes for patients. That’s why Sevida Analytics harnesses the power of Generative AI to empower care managers and providers! By analyzing vast datasets and leveraging advanced algorithms, Sevida™️ empowers healthcare professionals with real-time, data-driven insights.

With increasing caseloads and ever-changing health and compliance needs, Sevida Analytics uniquely encapsulates staff knowledge into rules and triggers them in real time, identifying the next best action to create the desired outcome. This intelligent approach enables healthcare teams to proactively strategize interventions and personalize care plans, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes. Sevida™️ enables you to embrace the power of Outcome Analytics to navigate the complexities of healthcare and drive better results for your patients.

Features of Sevida Analytics

Quality Measures

Sevida Analytics supports the computation and reporting of NCQA HEDIS and State quality measures, fostering incentives for improved performance and reducing reporting burden on providers and payers. Our platform not only reports where organizations stack up, but also offers insights into how to improve performance.

Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

Proactively identify members at high risk of poor health outcomes and gain improved risk management insights through Sevida predictive and prescriptive modeling.

Risk Acuity and Scoring

Leverage standardized risk scores to predict the likelihood of specific outcomes for members. Employ machine learning algorithms to track member progress and plan personalized interventions.

Explore your data using Dashboards

Build customizable and Ad Hoc dashboards and reports using Sevida Analytics’ rich drag-and-drop tools, supporting exports to PDF, CSV, and other formats.

Outcome Analytics

Sevida Analytics encapsulates staff knowledge into rules and algorithms, triggering real-time insights for the next best action, creating desired outcomes.

Population Health Management

Understand the financial impact of value-based contracts for populations. Sevida assists in segmenting and managing member populations, proactively addressing the needs of each population.

Here's What You Can Measure with Sevida

Quality Measures

Population Health

Risk Stratification

Member Panel Management

Member Engagement Tracking

Billing Efficiency

Operations Management

Compliance Adherence

... and More!