Experience Real-Time Healthcare Event Tracking with the Sevida™️ Platform

Sevida revolutionizes healthcare event tracking with its robust and scalable microservices-based event-driven architecture. Healthcare organizations can now react in real time to critical events in their members’ healthcare journeys, thanks to our decoupled and decentralized technology. Drawing from millions of data points, Sevida uses AI to support critical decision-making.

Why Choose the Sevida™️ Platform: A Mission-Critical Data Sharing Solution

Sharing mission-critical data across diverse systems both inside and outside healthcare organizations is vital for payers and providers. Traditional direct point-to-point connections between applications often lead to scalability and management challenges. Sevida Platform offers decoupled and smaller compute services, enabling rapid response to new events and efficient data management in real time.

Sevida Platform Overview

Addressing Common Healthcare Challenges with the Sevida™️ Platform

Leap Metrics Sevida platform tackles inherent healthcare challenges head-on, including:

AI-Driven Innovation

Sevida harnesses the power of AI to support foundational models, drawing from millions of data points enabling continued, innovative solutions for caregivers and payers.

Data-Driven Screening and Assessments

Sevida supports a rich drag-and-drop screening and assessment builder, configured to highlight insights that guide staff to the next best action. The screening tool auto-populates member data, insights, and algorithms.

Real-Time Data Exchange

Sevida’s open APIs enable the exchange of healthcare data securely and seamlessly across the enterprise and external partners. Payers and providers can access data in real time with the Sevida platform.

Rule Engine

Codify staff knowledge into actionable rules with Sevida platform’s robust Rule Engine, highlighting the next best action for real-time member events.

Robust Infrastructure

Our horizontally scalable big data cloud platform handles high transaction volumes, significantly improving performance and minimizing downtime.


Sevida platform prioritizes data security with fine-grained, configurable role-based access control, Single Sign-On (SSO) support, and data encryption in-flight and at rest, ensuring HIPAA and SOC2 compliance.

Document Processing Automation

Embrace paperless efficiency with Sevida platform’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR), extracting data from PDF and scanned documents, streamlining data entry and accessibility.

Sevida platform is the ultimate solution for real-time event tracking, offering seamless data exchange, automation, enhanced security, and a robust infrastructure. Leap into the future of healthcare with the Sevida platform and drive proactive, efficient, and secure patient care.