Limitless Data Storage with Zero Performance Compromise

Sevida Data Pod empowers payers and providers to handle and harness extensive healthcare data seamlessly. Our data pod houses limitless unstructured, semistructured, and structured data, securely storing and organizing without compromising the speed of delivery of analytics and insights.

Why choose Sevida Data Pod?

Capturing data solely during a member’s visit to a provider can provide an incomplete picture of their health and doesn’t meet value-based care or payment standards.

Sevida Data Pod recognizes the increasing necessity to capture data beyond provider walls to craft a longitudinal patient record. By leveraging descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics, healthcare organizations can create meaningful outcomes for their members and fulfill value-based contracts.

Salient features of Sevida Data Pod

Data Management

Take a comprehensive approach to Data Management, by funneling disparate healthcare data sets into the secure Sevida Data Pod. Interoperability leveraging Sevida platform’s event-driven architecture ensures real-time data exchange across protocols and formats at scale including HL7, EDI, CSV, JSON, SFTP, API, and more… Sevida Data Management makes data available for analytics instantly!

Data-Rich Patient Records

Sevida Master Patient Index offers deterministic and probabilistic algorithms to normalize patient identities from various internal and external sources. Efficiently de-duplicate existing member records and ensure accurate matching of incoming member data.

Data Exception Management

Our configurable Data Exception Management builds comprehensive member data lineage to identify and resolve discrepancies in patient data across data sources.

Leap into the Future of Healthcare Data Management with Sevida Data Pod

Join leading healthcare organizations and leap into the future of healthcare, embrace the potential of Sevida Data Pod – your ultimate tool for secure data storage, interoperability, and advanced analytics. Optimize your outcome management and stay ahead in this data-driven, value-based healthcare landscape.