Store massive amounts of healthcare data in Sevida Data Pod

Sevida Data Pod helps payers and providers focus on outcome management by serving as a data repository and integration platform that supports interoperability.

Why choose Sevida Data Pod?

Data captured during a member’s visit to a provider is insufficient to create a full picture of a member’s health. To complete the member story, there is an increasing need to capture what happens outside of a provider’s four walls. Curating such a digital profile enables healthcare organizations to create meaningful outcomes for their members and comply with value-based contracts by leveraging descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics.

Advances in healthcare diagnosis, treatment, and quality measurement require artificial intelligence-based systems. Our Sevida Data Pod supports interoperability and stores large amounts of member data for leveraging machine learning algorithms.

Salient features of Sevida Data Pod

Master patient index

Sevida Master Patient Index (MPI) offers deterministic, probabilistic, and machine learning algorithms to normalize patient identities from disparate internal and external sources. Our MPI offers de-duplication of records in existing member repositories and record linkage to efficiently and effectively match incoming member records.