Sevida Integrated Data Management, Analytics, and Care Management Platform

Sevida Integrated Data Management, Analytics, and Care Management Platform

Innovators and clinicians built the Leap Metrics Sevida platform to construct a comprehensive member dossier, generate insights, and plan care
Data management

Data management

Sevida Data Pod creates an integrated member record by aggregating physical, behavioral, intellectual, and environmental data from EHRs, HIEs, SDOH networks, and other sources


Sevida Analytics Engine uses statistical and machine learning algorithms to mine member data for insights that aid in proactive decision-making, resulting in meaningful outcomes
Care management

Care management

Sevida Care Management platform streamlines and optimizes workflows using real-time data and analytics at the point of care

Delivering excellence with
analytics-first care management solution

A person’s health journey is a sequence of events spanning their lifetime across multiple provider disciplines and community resources, which must be captured, analyzed, and processed to influence the achievement of optimal health outcomes. Leap Metrics Sevida (Seva means Service and Vida means Life) stands for Life of Service and is a platform built to serve the whole-person needs of populations in our communities.

Sevida platform offers healthcare organizations data repositories (pods) that aggregate member data sourced from Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, Health Information Exchanges (HIE), Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) networks, Admission, Discharge and Transfer (ADT) systems, and other data sources.

We provide an event-driven, analytics-first care management solution that triggers insightful workflows in real-time as critical events occur, such as an admission to an emergency room. Our goal is to accelerate healthcare’s move from a fee-for-service to a value-based care system.   Sevida analytics supply real-time data to care managers enabling the ability to intervene proactively.   Early intervention is key to increasing the overall health of individuals and populations living with chronic health conditions.   

We take care of the technology that enables the measurement of quality and costs of care so that care managers can focus on improving the overall health of each member.

Empowering the healthcare industry with innovative technology

We serve physical health, behavioral health, intellectual disability, substance use, aging, and other service providers with data aggregation, population health, risk stratification, screening, comprehensive assessment, care planning, and analytics needs. 

Our Sevida platform caters to the needs of Clinically Integrated Networks (CINs), payers, and plans with their member populations’ preventive and chronic care needs. With our advanced technology, we prepare healthcare organizations to take on value-based contracts while managing the existing fee-for-service business.

Data Aggregation


Risk Stratification

Population Management


Comprehensive Assessments

Care Planning

Why choose Leap Metrics?

Leap Metrics Sevida is a novel and innovative technology platform that serves modern-day healthcare needs of real-time event processing, interoperability, scalable data repositories, predictive and prescriptive analytics, and insight-powered care management.

Seasoned technologists and clinicians joined hands to build Sevida solutions to advance analytics in healthcare applications at the point of care. Our technology empowers healthcare professionals to make a difference in the lives of those they serve and validate the results.

Our clients


Leap Metrics has partnered with the Collaborative Health Network (CHN) to provide a data aggregation solution through their Sevida Data Pod that will compile large amounts of data across a multitude of providers to be used as part of care management and data analytics. The time, effort, and energy that Leap Metrics has brought to the project to complete a complex undertaking have been just what was needed.

Craig Bass – Chairman of CHN Board of Managers, Collaborative Health Network

Leap Metrics partnered with AYN in building models for targeting access to care and utilization. The insights derived from the analyses highlighted critical targets for delivering better outcomes.

Carolyn Spence – CIO, Alexander Youth Network