Empowering healthcare to know enough to care for every life - better.

Our Sevida™ analytics-first platform offers care management powered by AI, delivering insights and workflows so that providers who Care Enough to Know, Know Enough to Care™. Our solutions are proven to improve health outcomes and lower the cost of care, empowering organizations of every size to leap into the future.

Comprehensive Healthcare Data Management

Sevida™ Data Pod empowers healthcare's transition to value-based care by enabling whole-person data management. Our cutting-edge platform aggregates physical, behavioral, intellectual, and environmental data from Electronic Health Records (EHRs), Health Information Exchanges (HIEs), Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) networks, and various other sources. Let Sevida™ Data Pods serve your healthcare team to drive proactive care management through interoperability.

Healthcare Analytics

Leave no data point untouched. Our Sevida™️ Analytics Engine utilizes advanced statistical and machine learning algorithms to mine extensive whole-person member, financial, and operational data, delivering invaluable insights for proactive decision-making. Embrace Sevida™ Analytics Engine to achieve better patient outcomes and organizational efficiencies. Unlock the full potential of your healthcare data!

AI-Driven Care Management

Sevida™ Care Management platform harnesses the power of AI to empower care managers by allowing them to streamline workflows, automate choice processes and reference real-time data and analytics at the point of care.

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AI-Powered Care Management & Actionable Insights Empowering Healthcare

Everyone’s health journey is unique. A lifetime is full of various events and interactions with providers and community resources. To improve health outcomes, we must capture, analyze, and use this information in real time.

Sevida by Leap Metrics offers healthcare organizations of all sizes powerful data pods, expertly aggregating data from an array of sources: electronic health records, health information exchanges, social determinants of health networks, and admission, discharge, and transfer systems. Our platform acts as the centralized hub for care management, providing a holistic view of each member’s health journey.

Powered by AI, our analytics-first care management solution triggers insightful workflows as critical events occur. Sevida analytics provides real-time data to care managers, empowering them to intervene proactively.

Sevida isn’t just a tool; it’s your care management co-pilot. Sevida enables informed decision-making and automates manual tasks with the power of AI, giving care managers more time to focus on delivering excellent care.

Prepare for the Future of Healthcare with Data-Driven Technology

Leap Metrics specializes in delivering innovative data-centric healthcare technology to a host of segments including physical health, behavioral health, intellectual developmental disability, substance use, and aging. Our Sevida platform is designed to cater to the needs of Clinically Integrated Networks (CINs), payers, providers, and plans. We serve the technology to manage preventive and chronic care for their members.

Sevida equips healthcare organizations to excel in value-based contracts while efficiently managing existing fee-for-service business models. Our comprehensive range of services includes data aggregation, healthcare analytics, risk stratification, quality measurement, population management, health screenings, comprehensive assessments, and AI-driven care management.

Data Aggregation

Healthcare Analytics

Risk Stratification

Population Management


Comprehensive Assessments

AI-Driven Care Management

Quality Measurement

Why Choose Leap Metrics?

Our vision to accelerate healthcare’s transition to whole person-care can only be realized if everyone can access data-driven, interoperable technology. The Sevida platform is designed to be easy to use and is built with microservice technology that serves modern-day healthcare needs of real-time event processing, interoperability, scalable data repositories, predictive and prescriptive analytics, and AI-driven care management. Our microservice foundation keeps Sevida scalable and configurable for healthcare payers and providers of all sizes.

Seasoned technologists and clinicians work together to continually optimize and advance innovation in the Sevida platform. Our technology empowers healthcare professionals to make a difference in the lives of those they serve and validate the results.

Healthcare Analytics

We Proudly Serve


Leap Metrics has partnered with the Collaborative Health Network (CHN) to provide a data aggregation solution through their Sevida Data Pod that will compile large amounts of data across a multitude of providers to be used as part of care management and data analytics. The time, effort, and energy that Leap Metrics has brought to the project to complete a complex undertaking have been just what was needed.

Craig Bass – Chairman of CHN Board of Managers, Collaborative Health Network

Leap Metrics partnered with AYN in building models for targeting access to care and utilization. The insights derived from the analyses highlighted critical targets for delivering better outcomes.

Carolyn Spence – CIO, Alexander Youth Network