Track healthcare events in real-time with the Sevida Platform

We have designed a robust and highly scalable technology platform using modern Microservices-based event-driven architecture. Our decoupled and decentralized technology allows healthcare organizations to react to various events in their members’ healthcare journeys in real-time.

Why choose Sevida Platform?

Sharing mission-critical data across the vast collection of ever-growing diverse systems inside and outside a healthcare organization is necessary for every payer and provider. Traditional healthcare businesses built direct point-to-point connections between applications to exchange Demographic, Clinical, Admission, Discharge Transfer (ADT), Encounter, Lab, Immunization, Claims, and other data critical to managing a member’s health proactively.

The inherent challenge with this approach is that deploying functions into monolithic services is difficult to scale and hard to manage. Decoupling of monoliths into smaller compute services that can quickly respond to new events and information will enable ingesting and managing massive amounts of data in real-time.

Additionally, even though interoperability standards such as FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) created a standard universal format, the interpretation of the fields is left to the individual organization. Exchanging information across organizations with different variations requires data transformation and support for various connectivity mechanisms.

Leap Metrics Sevida platform is built to address these inherent challenges healthcare faces.

Salient features of Sevida platform

Screening and assessment builder

Sevida supports a rich drag and drop screening and assessment builder, configured to highlight insights that guide staff to the next best action. The screening tool auto-populates member data, displays relevant insights and executes configured rules/algorithms on submission.

Rule engine

Healthcare staff often has a heavy caseload, limiting their ability to pour through the deluge of incoming information. Sevida’s robust Rule Engine helps codify staff knowledge into rules that highlight the next best action for every real-time member event.

Open APIs

Sevida’s open APIs enable the exchange of healthcare data securely and seamlessly across the enterprise and external partners. Our APIs reduce the need for batch interaction with the healthcare ecosystem.

Robust infrastructure

Sevida cloud platform is horizontally scalable and handles high transaction volumes. Our Microservices architecture runs on a farm of servers that can auto-scale, significantly improving performance and reducing downtime.

Document processing automation

Some healthcare organizations still use paper-based processes. Leap’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) extracts data from PDF and scanned paper documents. Our document process automation reduces manual data entry lowering costs, increasing accuracy, and making data on paper documents accessible electronically.


Sevida offers fine-grained and configurable role-based access control. Our applications facilitate a seamless user interaction by supporting Single Sign-On (SSO) with existing solutions. With our cloud-based platform, data is encrypted in-flight and at rest, keeping members’ personal health information secure. Additionally, we ensure that our solutions comply with HIPAA and SOC2.